I have been eyeing the Disney on Ice show for the last 2 or 3 years, never being able to justify paying over R300 for a ticket when my child is too small to appreciate the show. However, I wanted to go. Not just to take Matthew to see his favourite TV characters but because I love anything animated. So I was jumping for joy when my sister came to me and said she’s taking my niece and I must go with her. YAY!!

I heard all the tips and read that we should take enough money with us for the merchandise on sale, and the expensive popcorn and slushies, etc. We were prepared, I packed a bag filled with jelly tots, biscuits, chocolates and just bought some cool drinks at the one kiosk before we went in. They are really expensive in there. But honestly, I understand why parents take their children to this show every year. The wonder and joy and excitement on Matthew’s face when the characters came out make every single thing worth it.

Most of his favourites were there and at one stage he sat with his hand over his mouth as if he couldn’t contain himself. It was the sweetest thing ever. I sat through most of the show with a lump in my throat, so grateful that I could experience this with him. The moments I was watching, I was mesmerised. The costumes, the props, everything was great! Brilliant production and one I will be visiting again next year.

I am so glad we went. The only downer was the stalls outside the venue that sold figurines, soft dolls, light up wands, character mugs etc. and it was really expensive. Matthew cried and bawled for a toy (any toy, he didn’t really care) because all the other children had one. I really think it’s ridiculous how expensive the things were. In my opinion, they could’ve probably made more sales if they lowered the prices a little.

Ethan is still a bit too young for the show I think. There were bangs and fire and loud noises that I think would’ve scared him. Maybe next year…