Hayley recently started looking at how expensive grocery shopping is and wrote a few blog posts about it. Can I just add my 2 cents to it by saying that children’s clothing are also expensive?

My children have been growing like weeds recently. A tracksuit that I bought in June was too small for Matthew by July. Go to the mall to get some new ones and there’s only the Spring collection in stores (in other words, shorts, t-shirts, swim costumes but no jackets, long pants). I wanted to pull my hair out as I was then forced to go to the more expensive stores to buy a tracksuit for crèche (that he messes up in 2 days because he walks on his knees – tell me my kids aren’t the only ones to do this).

I walked into Woolies and was going to take 2 Spiderman t-shirts. A size 2-3 for Ethan and a 6-7 for Matthew. I was about to walk to the till when I glanced at the price and my eyes bulged out of my head. R95.00 for a t-shirt??? And both sizes were the same price. I put it back and walked out of the store. Am I just cheap?

I have since decided that I should try my hand at making clothing for them myself. I have my mom’s old sewing machine. I think I just need to find a place where I can have it serviced, find some patterns and buy some material. I’m kinda decent with a sewing machine, I just don’t know why it took me this long to come up with this idea.

Maybe I can use some of their smaller clothing as patterns? Anybody have any tips?

Or am I crazy to even entertain this idea?