August 12, 2014

37 weeks and talk of c-sec

Second pregnancy –

  1. Due date (as per LMP) – 27 August 2014
  2. Due date (as per scan) – 01 September 2014

First pregnancy –

  1. Due date (as per LMP) – 19 January 2011
  2. Due date (as per scan) – 26 January 2011

How far along – 37 weeks 6 days as per my calculation

I had a doctor appointment yesterday, on 37 weeks as per his scan. We started out with a scan and doctor feeling my abdomen. We started talking while he was busy, about when to go in to hospital when I go into labour.

According to my doctor:

  1.   a) Should I notice an increase in mucous, loss of my mucous plug or a bloody show, I should make my way in as soon as I start feeling pains.
  2.   b) If my waters break (membranes rupture) I should make my way in as soon as possible

I asked why I have to make my way in immediately. And why I can’t labour at home for as long as possible? With Matthew, I waited 10 hours from the time my first pain started to the time I went into hospital and I only dilated 1cm. I mentioned that I don’t want to go in too soon because they will then put me on the clock and I won’t be able to labour as long as I possibly could before the doctor mentions c-sec.

He then says to me that because I am a previous c-sec patient, I shouldn’t be brave and should make my way in as soon as possible.  But on the other hand, I can wait until my contractions are 10 minutes apart before coming in. o_O talk about confusing….

I don’t think he was very happy with me questioning this and the fact that I want to labour at home for as long as possible, because then he came out and said that this baby is measuring big. He was measuring the whole time we were talking and he estimates his current weight to be around 3.15kgs. He asked me what Matthew weighed at birth (3.47kgs) and said that we can look at a 4kg baby this time round. And of course, if baby is estimated to weigh over 3.5kgs, then my chances of a trial of labour is totally out. He says he can’t see baby coming early and that he estimates his birth weight to be around the 4kg mark but we must wait and see how things go.

He won’t be available the last week of August (of course not as that is the week I’m due) and has scheduled me to see his partner (who is pro c-sec!). The partner will assess and evaluate baby’s weight at that time and we can make a decision then.

My problem is that there is no guarantee that this baby will be around the 4kg mark. Of course I don’t want to put myself and the baby in any danger by doing anything drastic but why do doctors have to scare moms like that???? If my baby and I are safe and not in any danger, why can I not have a trial of labour? I am so confused and so disappointed right now.

My doctor didn’t want to discuss anything concrete with regards to how this baby is going to come out yet, just saying we should wait and see. I am hoping against all hope that baby stays under the 3.5kg mark and that I can get a chance to birth him naturally and get my VBAC.