July 07, 2010

I am 11 weeks pregnant today. Things have been ok but it seems as if time has slowed…… I know I shouldn’t wish this time away but I feel as if it’s taking forever and a day to reach the smallest milestones.

I’ve been a bit more tired lately than usual (I think I’m coming down with the flu or something). My boobs are very sensitive and sleeping is a bit uncomfortable. When I get up from sitting down, I have this slight discomfort in my lower abdomen (think it’s the stretching thing) and have to pause before I can go on.

Cooking is a big problem! Mark is being a star about it though and doesn’t complain (at least not to me). I can’t handle the smells at all and he has to make his own food :-( I feel so bad for him but it’s either that or he has a very nauseas, miserable woman on his hands….

I think the cravings have started for a while now. Been wanting tomato chips, oranges, and those red liquorice sticks. Yesterday, I craved a warm bath with Dettol! WTH! I thought cravings were for something you can eat? Hehehe! At least I don’t have any weird or strange cravings (just yet….).

Mark has been wonderful so far. He rubs my stomach and back out every day. Whenever he walks past me, he will casually brush his hand over my tummy. Cute…

I can’t wait to see this little bean again and have been counting the days to 22 July (having the Down’s test done)… Only 17 more days!!