August 20, 2010

I had my 17 week scan yesterday. Doctor checked the sex again and confirmed that it is definitely a boy! No mistake!! Baby is now 11.8mm long (crown to rump) and weighs 224g. We got to hear his heartbeat again, which was beating at 148 bpm. Everything is great and she’s not concerned about anything.

I have my 22 week scan coming up with the sonographer who did my 13 week Downs scan. (Not yet sure of specific date) Then I see gynae again on 14 October. We will do the hospital tour soon thereafter, get a DVD (not sure what she was talking about here) and I will get to see her monthly from then.

All in all, a good scan. Unfortunately, my scan pics aren’t very clear. So uploading them is impossible. Was hoping to at least get some nice pics.

Time is something of issue at this stage. You think on one hand that time is going too slowly… Can’t this happen yet, can’t that happen yet. And then when you actually think about it, you realise that time has actually sped past! It’s amazing… And also how much of your time is consumed just thinking about your little one growing inside of you. What he/she looks like, how many kicks did you get that day, what is the nurery going to look like, etc. I went into a semi panic yesterday when the doctor mentioned the hospital tour. I just kept thinking “This is going too fast! How can the time be going by so quickly!!!”

DH was amazing and had this look of awe on his face. I’m sure I saw some tears glistening in his eyes! Hehehe  I can’t wait to see what he is going to be like with his little man!

I have started thinking about the labour and am starting to get scared about it! I made the mistake of watching some birthing videos on the internet now the day!!!! It’s amazing but oh so scary! I want to do the natural birth with no painkillers. But I think I’m scared that I won’t know what to do, I won’t have the support I need, I won’t be able to relax and get through the contractions. There are so many fears and I’m not even half way yet! But then I think to myself, a woman’s body was made to give birth. Women the world over have been birthing babies naturally for centuries! It is THE most natural thing our bodies were meant to do… I’m hoping I can allay some of my fears my repeating this mantra!

I haven’t posted any bump pics anywhere, so it is here first!

10w5d 10 weeks 5 days (05 July 2010)

12w4d 12 weeks 4 days (18 July 2010)

14w4d 14 weeks 4 days (01 August 2010)

16w4d 16 weeks 4 days (15 August 2010)