September 09, 2010

I can’t believe I’m 20 weeks already. To think that I used to wish the time away and now it’s going so quickly. Everything is well. The nausea has eased up tremendously and I’m not feeling that extreme tiredness anymore. I actually feel good! (This must be what they were talking about when they mention feeling better in your second trimester) My only ‘problems’ now are the beginnings of heartburn, difficulty in finding a comfortable position to sleep in at night and some backache….


Feeling my little man move is amazing!!!! He is very active during the day and I’m convinced I wake up every morning an hour before my alarm goes off because of him. Just this morning I woke up before the alarm and I could feel him wiggling around in there. DH is getting very anxious about feeling him as well. He asks me constantly when he will be able to feel his son move around…. 🙂  (Too sweet!) I’m hoping that the fact that baby is more active in the morning and very quiet at night is a very good sign that things will continue in this fashion when he is a little babe in my arms…


My next scan is in 2 weeks time and it’s the foetal anomaly scan (think that’s what it’s called). Hoping to spend some extra time in the doctor’s room seeing my baby.


Feeling a bit worried about my lack of appetite (is this normal?). I won’t really feel like eating but will snack on something anyway, knowing that I must eat something. My cravings have stopped and I’m not wanting for anything. I’ve picked up 5kgs already and I’m hoping that the weight gain doesn’t pick up too much in the next few weeks.


My sister is planning my baby shower and when she asked me to work on my guest list so long, I got a bit of a shock! I mean, I knew it was coming but it just seems too soon…. They are planning it for end November… Anyway, that was my reality check and I’ve almost gotten past that feeling. I’m just trying to enjoy my pregnancy as much as I can and to take it all in.


Oh and two weeks ago, we did the Blisters for Bread Fun Walk. (Ok, we only managed the 5km but I’m pregnant! :8 ) Anyway, I was standing in the queue at McDonalds to use the ladies room and there was this lady ahead of me. My friend said loudly enough for the whole restaurant to hear “Tell them pregnant woman in the queue and she needs the loo desperately!” LOL This lady that was in front of me, then turned to me and asked me how far along I am. I tell her and she says “Oh that’s nice. I just thought you were fat.” SHOCK!! HORROR!! Are people still that insensitive? I was in too much shock to even think of a response to that. I knew I was going to get unwanted advice or the odd comment here during my pregnancy and there but that was unthinkable! I’ve gotten past it now but still can’t believe the nerve of that lady!


Started working on the nursery paintings but I’m not very creative and not sure whether my paintings make the grade… But they will go up anyway! I am very proud of my work and can’t wait to finish them all. I’ve only done 2 (I’m a perfectionist and want it done properly!) and have about 4 more to do…. I will put pics up as soon as I’ve completed them.