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22 weeks pregnant

September 22, 2010

I had my scan yesterday. Baby is approximately 25cm’s long and weighs just under 600g’s. Doctor just measured the head and then exclaimed that we have a big baby!! The heart is functioning well, the brain is on the right track developmentally, there is fluid in the stomach (meaning baby is swallowing, which is good) and fluid in the bladder (which means baby is urinating, which is also good!) Heart is beating at 165bpm.

Baby has no cleft, which is excellent news. So growth is going well! Doctor estimates that if baby boy stays in until EDD (26 January) he will weigh over 4kgs. She’s convinced that he might come earlier….. Problem with that is then how do I determine my maternity leave????

Seeing my little man yesterday has just brought me this much closer to him and also wanting to hold him in my arms. He is too precious and looks like he might have my nose….

Here are some pics of my precious child…


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