July 29, 2010

1) How far along are you now?

2) When is your due date?
26 January 2011

3) What has been your preggy high this week?
Seeing Junior in detail at our last scan and finding out the sex!

4) What has been your preggy low this week?
Not feeling well. Nausea has reared its head again and the headaches are terrible

5) What is your current over-riding emotion?

6) What is on your list of things to do in the next month re prep for baby?
Not much

7) When is your next appointment?
19 August

8) What is your current craving?
Tomato chips, oranges

9) How are you feeling physically?

10) How are you feeling emotionally?

11) How is your partner dealing with the pregnancy at this stage?
He is very excited!

12) Do you know the sex of your baby yet? And do you have a name finalised?
Boy and no names finalised, actually, no names period!

13) Will you be trying for Natural or Caesar?

14) Which hospital will you be having your baby at?
N1 City Hospital

15) How are you feeling about the pregnancy at this point?
Excited and wait to feel my little man moving

16) What is your Tummy measurement?
Not sure

17) How much does baby weigh/ measurement at the moment? (Or at last scan)
Don’t know

18) How much weight have you gained to date?
About 2 kgs

19) What is your nursery room theme?
No theme yet

20) What is the best preggy advice you have been given?
Listen to your body


As per parent24 blog

Our scan last Thursday was amazing! It was the best so far because the sonographer gave us about half and hour to see our baby! We could the hands moving (almost like he was waving), he was kicking his legs and moving around nicely. Our risk of Downs is minimum but will get the full results at our next visit on 19 August. Dr was measuring his head, was quiet for about 2 seconds (because she was talking non stop) and then said “Maar die is darem ‘n groot baba yong!” I couldn’t help but be shocked by her comment. Yes it came out of the blue, but I must still push that “groot baba” out…. Hopefully he won’t be as big as I’m fearing….

Doctor also asked us if we wanted to see what the sex is. When she said that, I looked at the screen proper and could actually see….. It is a boy!!! You can actually see his little bits on the scan! DH was amazed and had some tears in his eyes. I didn’t cry but was a bit emotional and couldn’t speak for the lump in my throat! We got a nice dvd of the entire scan and I watch it whenever I want to see my little man! :-)

I can’t seem to think of any names! This is starting to stress me out as I really would like to have this sorted before baby comes… I need some ideas/inspiration!

I can’t wait to feel baby moving inside of me! And I want DH to share in that. I just feel like he’s not being included enough in the pregnancy and I just want him to know that there is a baby inside of me and that he can feel him….

Anyway, week 14 today and not feeling too well. The tiredness has not dissipated! I am as tired as ever, more so actually. By 12pm I am useless. I can barely keep my eyes open and would like nothing more than to just put my head down and go sleep! Also, my morning sickness seems to have returned! Since Monday, I have been so nauseas, it’s almost worse than in the beginning! It started out in the evenings and would be gone by morning. Now, it’s there in the evening and then when I woke up this morning, it was still there. Please, oh please, tell me I am not going to be sick through my entire pregnancy! Oh and the headaches have started! Panados only go so far and I don’t want to take those things every day, either! Hopefully, things will get better soon!

Here’s some pics of my little man!!!