December 01, 2010

1) How far along are you now?
32 weeks

2) When is your due date?
26 January

3) What has been your preggy high this week?
The 4D scan and still feeling the kicks

4) What has been your preggy low this week?
Major back pain

5) What is your current over-riding emotion?

6) What is on your list of things to do in the next month re prep for baby?
Finish the room and start packing bags

7) When is your next appointment?
21 December

8) What is your current craving?

9) How are you feeling physically?
In pain!

10) How are you feeling emotionally?
Just tired now and can’t wait to meet my little man.

11) How is your partner dealing with the pregnancy at this stage?
He is excited and is very supportive of me

12) Do you know the sex of your baby yet? And do you have a name finalised?
Boy – Matthew Adrian Muller

13) Will you be trying for Natural or Caesar?

14) Which hospital will you be having your baby at?
N1 City Hospital

15) How are you feeling about the pregnancy at this point?
Good, just huge!

16) What is your Tummy measurement?
DOn’t know

17) How much does baby weigh/ measurement at the moment? (Or at last scan)
2.535kg on 30/11/2010

18) How much weight have you gained to date?
5 kgs

19) What is your nursery room theme?

20) What is the best preggy advice you have been given?
Take it easy and listen to your body


As per parent24 blog:

So we went for our 4D scan yesterday and a general checkup with the gynae.

Baby was lying so nicely and we got some awesome pics.

Cute lips

Trying to get my thumb in my mouth

Oops, think that’s my foot!

Ok, Mommy, time for my nap….

On the one pic, you can see baby’s foot in his face…. :-) It was THE most amazing scan ever!!! The sonographer irritated me a little bit. Kept on with comments like “ooh, gorgeous”, “stunning”, “amazing, isn’t it”. Almost as if it was the first time she was seeing pics of a baby in utero. Maybe she was doing for my benefit, but it irritated me!

Gynae is very happy with baby and I, and everything is still on schedule. I asked her about my lack of gaining weight and she says she’s happy and that I shouldn’t worry about it. Baby is now weighing 2.535kg and is head down (although not engaged just yet)…

I am doing ok just suffering with some MAJOR back pains… Don’t know what to do anymore but there you go, just part of the pregnancy….. I can handle the constant pain but the stabbing, shooting pains I get on top of that is excruciating!