Muller Kids

By a mommy just like you about life with 2 boys

“Was it planned?”

"Was it planned?” “How far along are you?” followed by “Are you sure? You’re so big” “Maybe it’s twins. Shame” “Why are you eating that?” “You look pale, are you okay?” “You’re glowing today” “How are you feeling today?” “Third... Continue Reading →

Muller Kids News

I’m pregnant. Yip, I’m almost 8 weeks along (almost 2 months for those that don’t feel like doing the math) and I’m excited, scared, happy, terrified, ecstatic and just basically feeling all the feels. I’m also a little sad that... Continue Reading →

Life Lately

You guys won’t believe how badly I want to be here. I just can’t seem to get the words out of my head, which is driving me crazy (and in turn driving my husband crazy). I know I want to... Continue Reading →

Simple birthday party and a scare

It’s been a long 3 weeks guys. I felt like something was missing. A piece of me. I needed the break because it seems like the first anniversary of my mom’s passing hit me harder than I thought. The ideas... Continue Reading →

On that day (a year ago today)

My alarm was set for 4am. I was going to start running before getting done for work with Nicole. My phone rings at 3:50. I get up and run to the phone, not wanting to wake the boys, thinking my... Continue Reading →

Education and how to save for your child’s future

I talk about the importance of saving for your child's education and how Liberty can help.

2017 is the year for dreams to be realised

Ever needed time away from everything? I am so glad I took these last 2 weeks to be away from the blog, to regroup, refocus and find my mojo. I am not one of the best story tellers. I envy... Continue Reading →

The year that was

The Christmas tree is up, cookies baked (I just need to ice them ), gifts wrapped and the anticipation to sight Santa is high. Mince pies, Christmas lunch prep, hidden gifts (and keeping inquisitive bodies away from the hiding places),... Continue Reading →

Bauble Tree (DIY)

I wish it was possible to cling wrap my Christmas tree and pack it away. It'll make unpacking a breeze every year! Who else has seen those amazing Christmas trees the stores are selling now and thought about buying one?... Continue Reading →

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