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By a mommy just like you about life with 2 boys

What’s in my baby’s hospital bag?

Gosh, I seriously couldn't remember what I needed to put in this bag guys. Here's hoping I got it right. Nappies - I'm looking forward to using the Huggies New Baby nappies. These bad boys have a cut out for... Continue Reading →


What’s in my hospital bag? Packing for a c-section

You'd think that having done this twice before I'd know what to pack from the top of my head. With it being 3 years since Ethan was born, I've forgotten quite a bit more than I thought I would. Also,... Continue Reading →

My ultimate newborn wishlist

With the cost of baby things these days, Mark and I decided not to sell or give away a lot of the boys' baby stuff. We've borrowed things to friends and received a lot of it back. We're still using... Continue Reading →

8 months pregnant and an update

So it’s been another break between posts. Can’t believe 3 weeks have passed since I last posted. Guess it’s time for another update. Pregnancy I’m 2 and a bit weeks away from meeting our newest family member. These last few... Continue Reading →

What’s been happening?

I don't know why I have such long gaps between posting updates. Not much to say? Probably. Focusing on family and the pregnancy more? Most likely. Struggling to juggle all the balls and still keep on track of everything? Definitely!... Continue Reading →

Chela-Preg™ Trimester Packs + **WIN**

I haven't been using the Chela-Preg™ trimester pack for a month yet but so far so good. Baby is growing well and I haven't felt this great in a while. I found that I had to take the morning dosage... Continue Reading →

Preparation for birth and breastfeeding

Disclaimer: this post was written in collaboration with Abbott Nutrition With just a few more weeks until our bubs is in our arms, I’ve started thinking about what  life is going to be like after this pregnancy. Life with 3... Continue Reading →

Thank you friends and family

I am not the most eloquent person. I struggle to express myself on a daily basis, to my family and friends, to work colleagues, even here on my blog. I struggle to tell the important people how much I love... Continue Reading →

School holidays almost over???

Wow it's been 2 weeks since my last post! There's not much going on in our lives, I guess that's why it's been so quiet around here. School holidays are almost over and Matthew had a few outings in the... Continue Reading →

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